Camper Initiatives

At Biluim, we encourage our campers to develop their programming skills through hands-on, experiential learning.  The best way to do this is for campers to run their own programs!  We strongly support campers who wish to create, write, and implement their own programs for their peers throughout the summer, as well as those who wish to adapt programs previously run in past summers.  With the support and mentorship of their staff members, campers are given the necessary tools, materials, and time to create and run these programs, which are often seen as highlights of the summer.


Chug V 

Chug V stands for Va’adot, which means “committee.”  Va’adot are committees created and run by the campers, based on interest or skill development.  Each of these va’adot are supervised by a staff member, however our campers are encouraged to take the leadership roles in these groups.  Held for an hour every day, these camper-led activities are yet another way we encourage campers to build their own summer.  Examples of va’adot include: yoga, book club, soccer, triathlon, Israeli karaoke, politics, sports potpourri, etc.