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The Staff of 2017

Biluim Head Staff


Taryn Levy – Program Director (Biluim 2010)

Hey Chevra!


My name is Taryn Levy, and I am so excited to be returning to Camp Biluim Canada as Program Director, for the second time. Over the last few years, I have held various positions at Camp Kinneret-Biluim, from working on the waterfront and in a cabin at Camp Kinneret, to being Rosh CIT and Head of Programming at Biluim. I have also been lucky enough to participate in some amazing year round Canadian Young Judea programs, including Mifgash, Kinus, and the annual Hanoar Hatzioni conference in Israel. While I have done many other things outside of camp since my first summer as a camper in 2004, I am who I am today due to the influence of camp and CYJ.

Camp Biluim is a one-of-a-kind program that fosters a unique community, leaving once-strangers with new friendships, experiences, skills, and memories that last a lifetime. After 13 years at camp, I can confidently say that there is no summer like your Billy summer, and no better place than Lac Mercier!  

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or just wants to reach out, feel free to contact me at

I can’t wait to meet everyone and witness all the amazing things that Billy17 is going to bring!!


Erin Smiley | Head of Hadracha (Biluim 2012)

erin smiley Hi everyone!!!

My name is Erin and I will be your Head of Hadracha at Camp Biluim this summer! I am beyond excited to be returning for my 13th summer in the Canadian Young Judea system at the best place on earth, Camp Biluim! I can honestly say that going to Billy as both a camper and as a staff member has completely changed my life, for the better. Camp Biluim is such a wonderful place and I am so lucky for the friendships I have made and the experiences I have been through that have helped to shape the person that I am today. It is a once in a lifetime experience and I am so happy that I get to share it with all of you, from a new leadership position! Though I wish I could be at camp all year round, I am currently studying Kinesiology in my third year at Queen’s University. Can’t wait to meet everyone and have the BSE (best summer everrrrr duh)!!!! 


Adina Sugar | Head of Programming (Biluim 2012)


adina sugar

My name is Adina and I am your Head of Programming for Billy 2017! I am currently finishing my 3rd year studying English Literature at Queen’s University. When I am not writing essays and reading books, I am watching Netflix and thinking about programs for camp! (If you have any good Netflix recommendations, hmu!) I have been part of the Canadian Young Judaea system since 2007, when I started at Camp Shalom, and from the second I stepped off the bus I knew there was no turning back! Camp holds a very special place in my heart and no matter where my life takes me or what troubles I may face, I know I always have the amazing memories I have made at Camp Kinneret-Biluim to keep me going until summer rolls around and I am back at camp! This is my 4th year working at CKB, but my 1st year as a staff member at Biluim! This summer will be new for me, too, so I am super excited and can’t wait to experience it with all of you! 


Jessica Burdo | Head Counselor (Biluim 2011)jess burdo

Hey everyone!

I am thrilled to be spending another summer at Camp Biluim as Head Counselor, with my trusty partner Evan. This summer will be my second as Head Counselor at Camp Biluim, my 5th summer as a staff member at Camp Kinneret-Biluim, and my 9th summer in the Canadian Young Judea system…talk about committed! I am currently finishing my last semester as a Psychology student at McGill, and hope to continue onto a Masters in Psychiatry next year. If my degree doesn’t imply so already, I hope to be someone you can come to for any of your medical, psychological, and social needs this summer at camp. This year, I also have the privilege of staffing our East Meets West program, which brings Biluim 2017 campers from eastern Canada to Kelowna, BC to spend the weekend at Camp Hatikvah with our western campers, in preparation for their summer together.

Our staff team is gearing up to meet all of you amazing campers, and we cannot wait! Until then, get excited people. It’s gonna be the BSE. 

Evan Sinclair | Head Counselor (Biluim Israel 2012)

evan sinclair

Hey Billy campers!

I’m Evan and I’m going to be one of your two head counselors for this summer! This is my second summer in this position and my 5th on staff at Camp Kinneret-Biluim. I’m so excited to get back to camp and spend my summer in the best possible place! While not at camp, I’m finishing up my last year at Western University and patiently waiting to be back to camp :). At camp, you can always find me playing basketball or coming up with new BFL plays to finally win a Superbowl. Biluim is an amazing place to not only have an unbelievable time but to learn about yourself, as well. Even as a staff member, I always learn something new about myself after each summer and I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store! I can’t wait to see you all up at camp for the BSE!


Biluim Canada Staff of 2017

Aliza Herzstein (Waterfront Director)
David Herscovitch (Rosh Sports)
Matt Oppenheim (Rosh CIT)
Sierra Shuster-Leibner (Rosh Avodah)
Jacob Rosenberg
Ben Bloomberg
Allie Chandler
Jordan Simon
Claire Dreyfuss
AJ Brownson
Alex Kofman
Sammy Rosenzweig
Elie Fenyes
Jony Ziner-Cohen
Efrat Oded
Omri Ben Simon
Guy Baron
Lilach Arik