Biluim Israel

Biluim Israel is the final phase of Canadian Young Judaea's Leadership Training Programs. For over 40 years the program has provided a unique summer experience for seventeen year-olds, combining leadership development, seminars, nature hiking and touring. Named after the "Biluim" who settled Israel in the 1880's, our "Biluimniks" explore varied Israeli lifestyles and at the same time discover their Jewish identity.  The chanichim also experience the feeling of camp within the Israel setting and are evaluated by their madrichim as they will begin to apply to be madrichim in our movement after the program's end.


Camp Biluim Israel is the final summer of being a camper for campers in the Canadian Young Judaea system. Throughout their camp experience, CYJ campers accumulate a wealth of knowledge about Israel, and build the foundation for their Zionist values. Biluim Israel is their time to take all their knowledge and turn it into firsthand experiences. Some of the program highlights include a four day educational Poland experience for 50 campers, snorkeling in the Red Sea in Eilat, camping outside under the stars, hadracha/leadership training, volunteering/Tikkun Olam projects, and programs with our international sister movement Hanoar Hatzioni. Campers are given two options for their five day Specialty week which will not reflect which bus they are placed on.

Poland Supplement:

Optional 4-Day Poland portion begins June 29, 2014. This part of the trip explores past and present Jewish culture and heritage in Poland and includes the importance of the youth and youth movements during the war.  Poland applicants are accepted based on previous evaluations and the essay they must submit prior to the application deadline. Please note, applicants to the Poland Supplement must submit a 250 word essay that includes the following:

  • Why do you want to attend?
  • What do you hope to take home from this experience?

Please submit your essay to by Friday, October 25, 2013

Specialty Week:

This summer, campers will have a choice about how they would like to spend their specialty week, however this will not determine which bus they will be on.

Option 1: Gadna

Campers can spend their specialty week participating in the IDF's Gadna program. This gives our campers a better understanding of what it means for Israeli's not much older than them to serve in their country's army. 

Option 2: Sea to Sea Hike

The Sea to Sea hike is the perfect choice for those campers who enjoy and desire a more physical program. Campers spend their specialty week hiking across Israel from sea to sea, from the Kinneret to the Mediterranean, camping under the stars and more! 

Both of these programs are filled up on a first come, first served basis. 


Rebecca Haimovitz will be entering her fourth summer as Camp Director for Biluim Israel. Rebecca's camp career began at 9 years old when she attended Camp Shalom. After completing the system, she became staff at Camp Shalom, then moved on to be staff at Camp Solelim. Rebecca is a qualified teacher, and currently teaching grade 4 at Eitz Chaim Day School. Working with youth is truly her passion. 


Poland Supplement: June 29, 2014 - August 6, 2014

Israel: July 3, 2014 - August 6, 2014

Israel Only:  $4250.00 USD  &  $2800.00 CDN

Poland:  $800.00 USD & $200.00 CDN

Sea to Sea Hike:  $500.00 USD

Family Weekend:  $350.00

Gadna: No Additional Charge

October 25, 2013            Deposit: $600.00 Non-Refundable & Poland essay due
November 17,  2013       Participants notified of program acceptance
January 2, 2014              Second Payment: CAD $1000.00 (cheque only)
April 1, 2014                    Remaining balance due (cheque, money order or bank drafts only)
Cheque, Money Order or Bank Notes, must be made payable to Biluim Israel and are to be forwarded to the Biluim Israel office in Toronto at 788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6B 3K1.
Any dishonoured cheques will be subject to a $25.00 handling fee.


All other information about Bliuim Israel can be found on our website: (click on the link)



Below you will find our CYJ Program calendar which will be updated on a regular basis with Biluim Israel programs and meetings. Be sure to check it often! Look for events that start with "BI" (Biluim Israel) to find ones applicable to all summer 2013 participants. 







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